The Charterhouse

Since 2019, the Lodge has met at Wax Chandlers’ Hall, where they now hold meetings and dinners.

Wax Chandlers’ Hall is located in the heart of the City in Gresham Street on a site that the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers has owned since 1501.In that year,1 the Company acquired the ‘Cock on the Hoop’ (an alehouse and micro-brewery) together with some shops with flats above. It took a generation to convert these buildings into a Livery Hall, the biggest work being the formation of a meeting hall, a parlour, kitchen and buttery. By 1528 the Hall was ready for use. A new hall was built in 1657 but much of it was damaged ten years later in the Great Fire along with 44 other Livery Halls, the cathedral and thousands of other buildings.

The Charterhouse
Charterhouse Square